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Additional Ways to Prevent Moisture in Your Crawlspace

dedicated-circuits-thumb-smallTraditionally, homes in the Wake Forest area have been built with vented crawlspaces. It was believed that venting the crawlspace of a home would allow air to circulate and reduce the accumulation of moisture. However, we now know venting crawlspaces actually introduces high levels of humidity and moisture, which can lead to the development of harmful mold and mildew.

Sealed Crawlspaces

We work with Remtech Environmental to seal and dehumidify crawlspaces. According to Remtech, the benefits of sealing your home’s crawlspace include:

  • Eliminating moisture underneath your home
  • Lowering the potential for the development of mold

  • Reducing the risk of wood rot and other water damage

Dedicated Circuits for Crawlspaces

mold in cornerIn order to make sure moisture stays out of your crawlspace, a dehumidifier will be installed when it’s sealed. Dehumidifiers pull between four and twelve amps. We have found that if a dehumidifier is not on its own dedicated circuit, it will work for a while, but it will eventually get kicked off when something else on its circuit turns on. This often goes unbeknownst to homeowners until someone servicing the house notices that the crawlspace has mold.

If your Dehumidifier is Not on a Dedicated Circuit

Sealed and dehumidified crawlspaces are the best way to prevent excess moisture accumulation under your home; however, make sure whoever installs the dehumidifier puts it on its own dedicated circuit. If you have had your crawlspace sealed, but the dehumidifier is just plugged into an outlet underneath your home, give us a call.