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How to Protect the Electric Wires and Plumbing Under Your House


Like most houses in the Raleigh area, your home is probably built on a vented crawlspace. Traditionally, it was believed that vented crawlspaces allow the air underneath to circulate, allowing your house to breathe. While it’s true that vents do circulate air within a crawlspace, when you consider the hot, muggy summers we have in the Triangle, the quality of this air leaves a lot to be desired. Its high humidity makes the crawlspace ripe for rotten wood, wet, moldy insulation, pest problems, and deteriorated mechanicals- issues that homeowners would rather not deal with.

Most people do not spend a lot of time in their crawlspace, forgetting that it’s not just an empty space beneath their home, but a place where many of their home’s mechanical systems reside. HVAC systems, electrical wiring, gas lines, and plumbing all run through your crawlspace. When they are continually subjected to high moisture levels from air that is vented in from the outside, they deteriorate faster than average, which is bad news for homeowners.

The easiest way to resolve many of these issues is to simply seal your vented crawlspace. We work with Remtech Environmental, a Raleigh area mold and remediation company that specializes in sealing crawlspaces. Remtech will seal your outside vents, insulate the interior walls of your crawlspace, lay a moisture retarding vapor barrier along the floor and walls, and add a dehumidifier to guarantee that your crawlspace goes from being a tropical climate to one of the cleanest and driest spaces in your home. If you’ve noticed that your crawlspace has moisture issues that need to be stopped, give our friends at Remtech a call.